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Eliminate 99% of Capital Gains Tax with a Charitable Estate Replacement Plan

| December 14, 2020

A Charitable Estate Replacement Plan is an advanced and proprietary tax strategy that can provide the following benefits:

  • A current income tax deduction which avoids up to 50% of your total tax (with a 5 year carry forward)
  • Assets contributed grow without tax
  • Appreciated assets contributed can be sold or liquidated without tax
  • Assets are exempt from gift and estate tax
  • Assets are creditor and divorce protected
  • Client and heirs maintain total control over the assets in a C.E.R.P.
  • Client and heirs will make substantial charitable gifts to their preferred designated charities


You can see how we’re able to do so in the below (13 minute) video, or read my original article covering this strategy.


Dan Nuwash, MBA is the Founder and Managing Partner of Finance For Thought and can be reached through our website.

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